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Trump the Savior? – Mis-directions, Continued

June 30, 2018

Since the election I am sure all of us have noted the uproar on the streets, in the press, and most assuredly on social media about the end of /or/ the saving of the world.

Neither is really anywhere close to the truth… not even close to being almost ballpark.

Trump is said to be draining the swamp but it appears he is building another very similar swamp in its place. Gee, how “earth-shattering”, huh?

The problem – as always – is that people take sides. Yes, here in America where the history is quite clear on this… “united we stand, divided we fall”… which they do not seem to stress much anymore (wonder why?)… we are all divided AF over… you guessed it: everything!

We have always had sore losers. Those people that do not get their way – third grade playgrounds rules apply – whine and complain about their misfortunes.

And the loudest whiners appear to be those who voted for the losing candidate.

I understand what it’s like backing the losing horse. In every election since I was old enough to know what was going on (1960), I have picked the loser. Without fail, the candidate of my choice has lost the election or, as sometimes happens, never makes it to November. Only once that happened due to assassination of the candidate but it usually happens due to the primaries. And when my candidate loses in the primaries, the one I pick in the general election seems to lose as well. And it is not because I always choose third and fourth party candidates.

The elections may not be hacked by the Russians but they don’t really need to be hacked at all because the system is broken and no matter which candidate gets elected, the middle class is going to suffer.

Bush started the wars in the Middle East and Obama promised to end them… eight years later we are fighting in MORE places than when he started. Trump said he would stop the war as well but after two years has still done nothing in that direction.

Since Reagan was President, the percentage of wealth held by the 1% in this country has grown at alarming rates that have been undeterred regardless of the party of the President in office or the party that controlled Congress. The entire facade is nothing more than a sham.

And yet there are so many people in America decrying the death of everything because of Trump while others are screaming that he has somehow saved us all.

It really is quite humorous.

When family, friends, or neighbors attempt to engage me about such matters (left or right, green or blue or black, space force or NorK or MidEast or war machine or oil or “Global Warming” or save the freakin’ whales or whatever) I tell them to come back when they’ve actually got something to say.

Taking one side of any issue that includes – at least in their minds – only one opposing side is a lose-lose proposition.

People really need to get a tad outside the damned box a little more often, don’t you think?


the Rhetoric Hasn’t Changed Much

December 16, 2012

I was at a McGovern rally years ago, back when I could vote for the first time. What an experience!

I did not get to meet the candidate but I did meet Sargent Shriver, his running mate. His daughter, Maria, later went into journalism, married the Arnold, and got recently divorced… but I digress.

Shriver gave a humorous talk about how the Democrats were the party of the little people, the poor and middle class, and that they were going to wrest control away from the wealthy and their Republican puppets and give back to the poor.

Everyone loved it. They cheered, they applauded… but no one really stopped to actually think much.

The Shriver family was closely allied to the Kennedy family and unless you lost track of who’s who, they are some of the wealthiest people in America.

Had Shriver gone the extra mile and shown his true support for those poorer than himself, perhaps he should have reached deep in his own pockets – like he was telling us to do in order to donate to his cause – and assist those same unfortunates.

Never happened, of course. The wealthy get to the top and they generally plan to stay there, even while trying to convince us that they are really working for the little guy.

McGovern lost that election, of course.

And I, of course, voted for Nixon.

He was the crook I already knew…

Today, they still talk the same line.

Why? Because studies show that the most giving group in the world, the ones who donate the most for charitable causes around the world is the American Middle Class.

The wealthy could afford it so much more and they could give so very much more and still have a few sundry million (or billion) to live off of til their next paycheck, but they DON’T.

And why don’t they?

How do you think they got rich, by giving money away?

Heck no! They followed the tried-and-true time-honored system of gathering wealth: hoarding it (of course that was after they robbed, cheated, swindled or whatever else to get it in the first place).

And when the Middle Class was aching in this country by the wealth mismanagement of the elite (and Congress gave money to Wall Street to help them) how long did it take for them to help the ones who were really hit the hardest?

But they figured the Middle Class is so charitable, so giving… surely they can wait while the wealthy reclaimed their fortunes.

The rhetoric hasn’t changed and neither have the players.

The wealthy still hoard, and the Middle Class remain charitable.

Thank God! Someone has the guts to take the high road.