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Putin’s Violin

July 13, 2017

America’s obsession with “Russian interference” has reached a fever pitch… and all I can do is laugh.

Trump Jr went to a meeting to “get dirt on Hillary” but none such was actually received.

There have been blips and burps of connections with Russia leaked for months concerning BOTH Trump and Clinton and those who care about such things are frothing at the mouth to dig in.

Surprise! Just like Trump Jr’s meeting: all talk and no substance.

How better to manipulate the American political climate but to imply connections with either or both parties’ candidates, set up meetings to cast suspicion on everyone, and then sit back and enjoy the show?

You do not have to actually interfere in anything, just drop hints about the “furtive” meetings and allow the media to dig a little to find the “scoop”. You know, that thing you use to clean out the cat box.

And that amounts to what we are seeing mostly here, after months and months of ravenous searching.

Is Russia interfering in American politics?


And all Putin had to do was infer that he was interfering in American politics… then sit back and watch us rip out each other’s throats.

Who needs a Stradivarius?

Putin has America.


Trumped, Generally Speaking

December 17, 2012

Several people have written me about why I have not jumped in on the Petraeus affair.

Personally, other than the case of a General taking orders from his privates, I don’t see much to comment on… yet.

Although the way the story came out and the connection with the greedy socialite in Florida (who botched a lucrative deal concerning South Korea through her Petraeus affiliation) borders on the extremely interesting. But the case bears further review… and then we can start the wild unabandoned theories.

Meanwhile, I am still stuck on the Trump connection.

Many people may wonder what the Donald has to do with anything.

A couple of years ago, he came out and made a lot of noise about the Obama birth certificate and even announced that he was the head of the birther movement. A self-proclaimed title that lacked enough gas to get down the block, much less around the corner.

Anyway, his “heavy guns” were brought to bear on the President who – with an “Aw shucks, what’s the fuss?” attitude – turned over the document, seemingly surprised that there was any question on the matter.

With all the press before he ran for Pres in ’08 on the avoidance he and his people were shoving in the way of the press concerning that bothersome detail, one wonders how Obama could have missed the depth of interest in the matter.

So, Obama’s people produce the document and the Donald announces to the world, “Okay, we got him!” meaning “got him to release it” and he Trumped the rest of those interested in the matter by declaring the case closed.

How fortunate that the birthers had a champion arise and take the battle into the heights against the foe.


Except for a couple of points, I would have to agree.

First, the birth certificate was a forgery and has been proven such on quite a few websites. (A couple of them published the findings even before the Donald admitted defeat.)

Second, I’ve seen this sort of grandstanding done during the investigation into JFK’s assassination. Someone with a big name and a larger mouth enters the fray, erects a straw puppet and lets the authorities flame it, then admits defeat and acts like everyone can just forget all those other theories…

Third, a billionaire helping out a candidate by seeming to oppose him publicly was recently done when Clinton first ran for office. Remember Ross Perot? The facts show he was there only to see Clinton elected. And it seems the Donald was doing something very similar to what Ross did. His wild tweeted meltdown on election night does not bolster his dislike for Obama, it masked his victory celebration. (Otherwise that bit of insanity was completely meaningless.)

Fourth, a fit being thrown that makes little or no sense… Trump did it when the returns showed Obama was re-elected and Perot did it when he thought some reporters were hounding his family. These examples of “over-reacting” always make me want to look and see what the other hand is doing – as the magician would flick his one hand to make flowers appear, the other would be reaching up a sleeve or into a pocket… The same old misdirection. Works every time, right?

So, we’ll have to wait and see if the Petraeus affair means anything at all or was it merely something they used to draw our attention away from what they were really doing, huh?

But maybe that sounds a little too much like a conspiracy…