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Incontrovertibly Interwoven

June 28, 2018


It seems our society at present lauds the “innovation” by people like Elon Musk who created a company called “Tesla” to bring us electrical automobiles.

Given enough money and time, anyone could have taken the idea and created the Tesla.

We actually need people who are completely visionary. Tesla spoke about free energy. I do not see Musk’s creation giving anyone any of that.

The system in which we live caters to those who would more firmly entrench us in the matrix of this broken construct.

Revolutionary ideas that truly go beyond the pale – as the original Tesla concepts did – are what we need. But since those sorts of things do not bolster up this illusion around us, they are usually marginalized, ridiculed, or completely ignored.

And now THOSE things are becoming harder and harder to find.

The largest search engines on the planet (Yahoo and Google) no longer “search” very well. “Direct” is what they do.

In the past, I could do a search and flip back to page five or so to find the really off-the-grid sort of things. Nowadays, those do not even appear by page twenty… or thirty, forty, fifty… if ever. And I know the web pages still exist because I saved the web address in my notes years ago and can still access them.

These things have become “unsearchable” according to the new “guidelines” (i.e. mind control tools) being used by the giants of the internet. Instead when you get into the back pages of your search you will start to see the SAME webpages appearing again and again on the succeeding pages. Yes, rather than show you “more” results, they simply keep showing you the same ones, pretending that they are somehow “new” results.

The internet is very quickly becoming a user-unfriendly environment, just another tool to help facilitate getting all of us in lock-step with the agenda.

We do not get red or blue pills.

No, not even that illusion of choice.