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2015 JFK Conference

November 13, 2015

I have been away for a time and busy helping some friends set up a conference on the latest research on the JFK assassination. Unfortunately, it is one that I will not be able to attend. It is going to take place Nov 21st and 22nd in Melbourne, Australia. I believe it is the first time such a conference has been held in that area of the globe and it was exciting to help get it off the ground. Hopefully, a lot of people a little closer to Melbourne will take advantage of it.

There will be the world premieres of two documentaries (one by Len Osanic and the other by Bart Kamp of the UK) and a few presentations by some big names: Jim DiEugenio, Vince Palamara, and Gayle Nix Jackson to name a few. And they will be discussing some rather remarkable new evidence that has come to light in the recent past.

Pretty cool stuff.

You can check it out at

And if you, like me, cannot make it down under, I am told they will have a DVD available of the event at some future date.