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On the Other Side of the Pond…

September 15, 2013


There were a couple of sites I saw that included images of the RAF spelling out a message to Obama: “F**K OFF”

I have seen it elsewhere on the internet and it has been shown to be a photoshopped image. Nope, it never happened. Otherwise some observant chap in the regular media would have mentioned it.

Not to say that the Brits aren’t a little cool on our President…

Meanwhile, there is a cute video from the floor of the Irish Parliament. The Taoiseach (similar to the Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, was called a pimp and a whore to Obama, who was called a warmonger and a hypocrite.

Twice in the video he is asked to answer a question and both times – just like any politician worth his salt anywhere – side-stepped, double-talked, and refused to answer the question.

Now, I just wish we had some way to help them impeach their Taoiseach… but it would be pretty lame if we cannot even impeach our own puppet at the helm.

Looks like Obama is getting a bad rep wherever he goes these days.