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Incontrovertibly Interwoven

June 28, 2018


It seems our society at present lauds the “innovation” by people like Elon Musk who created a company called “Tesla” to bring us electrical automobiles.

Given enough money and time, anyone could have taken the idea and created the Tesla.

We actually need people who are completely visionary. Tesla spoke about free energy. I do not see Musk’s creation giving anyone any of that.

The system in which we live caters to those who would more firmly entrench us in the matrix of this broken construct.

Revolutionary ideas that truly go beyond the pale – as the original Tesla concepts did – are what we need. But since those sorts of things do not bolster up this illusion around us, they are usually marginalized, ridiculed, or completely ignored.

And now THOSE things are becoming harder and harder to find.

The largest search engines on the planet (Yahoo and Google) no longer “search” very well. “Direct” is what they do.

In the past, I could do a search and flip back to page five or so to find the really off-the-grid sort of things. Nowadays, those do not even appear by page twenty… or thirty, forty, fifty… if ever. And I know the web pages still exist because I saved the web address in my notes years ago and can still access them.

These things have become “unsearchable” according to the new “guidelines” (i.e. mind control tools) being used by the giants of the internet. Instead when you get into the back pages of your search you will start to see the SAME webpages appearing again and again on the succeeding pages. Yes, rather than show you “more” results, they simply keep showing you the same ones, pretending that they are somehow “new” results.

The internet is very quickly becoming a user-unfriendly environment, just another tool to help facilitate getting all of us in lock-step with the agenda.

We do not get red or blue pills.

No, not even that illusion of choice.


Hiring the Wolf to Guard the Chicken Coop

June 15, 2013


The big internet giants have released new data about their “cooperation” with the NSA. Several have resisted with varying degrees of success against the spying on their customers.

Yahoo! even went to court… and lost.

You never heard about it because it was a “secret” court that handled only “secret” cases, like that one.

But now the big players have been “allowed” by the secret branch of our transparent government (thanks, Obama!) to tell about their interactions with the NSA.

No, nobody was being “nice” to us, they just want to reinforce the idea that they cannot be gathering everyone’s communications. They have to follow certain rules and some people can even object.

How sweet is that?

Except they then have to try the case in a secret court run by – who else? – the intelligence community. Like, what? Did you think Yahoo! actually had a shot of winning their case? Pulleeease!

So the spin doctors have finally gotten something that we in the non-intelligence world like to call “evidence” that they might actually be telling the truth. But “might” is still the operative word.

If it wasn’t for the new NSA facility in Utah (a $1.7 billion data “storage” center) I might actually believe them when they say they are not off-loading all the emails and phone calls to their own system.

One official said they do not have the manpower to actually cull through all that mountain of data. Of course, we’ll never know that because their employment figures are CLASSIFIED like everything else they touch.

And then there is the rather humorous story from February 2010 when the internet giant Google had asked the cyber-geeks at none other than the NSA to help them stop continued hacks against them.

They had the idea (the article does not say whether this notion came from Google or from NSA) that the hacking originated in China, of all places.

So, Google teamed with NSA to stop the hacking.

Fast forward to 2013 and we hear that Edward Snowden says this was precisely the type of attack the NSA was carrying on against China as well as against the giant internet companies… yes, just like Google.

So, it seems Google teamed with the wolf [NSA] to stop the theft of the chickens from their coop [server].

You gotta love it when an Aesop fable becomes relevant!


January 20, 2012

As usual, a lot of people think these are very good ideas. Yes, Hollywood can be protected from people who sell movies online for cheap (and not give Hollywood a dime) if the laws just stopped at that. But the way the laws are written is a lot more foreboding than that.

It plans to not only stop the piracy but enables the government to block ANY website they want for ANY (or NO) apparent reason. Whatever reason they want to shut a site down is good enough for them.

Does that sound good?

Hell, no! But depend on our government to once again try to “protect” our rights and stoke our fears while we relinquish yet more of our freedoms to “Big Brother”. Don’t just tell your congressman “No!”, tell him/her/it “Hell, no!!”

Our freedoms are growing precious few and we have to put a stop somewhere. It obviously won’t be anyone like Ron Paul (or any other lone voice in the wilderness of Congress) to stand up against these erosions, so we are going to have to.

Every other year or so since the ’90’s, there has been some noise by the Feds in Washington to try and find a way to clamp down on the internet. Imagine, they say, a lot of people actually exercising their minds and their mouths out there. What do they think this is, free speech or something?

But thanks to a LOT of hardworking people out there at Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, and even here at as well as many other websites have gotten the attention of the lawmakers in DC. The danger has been averted… for NOW>

But do not think they aren’t going to try the same thing again, later. Yes, just as soon as one of the covert branches of the American government can come up with another internet scam that will strike fear into the hearts of the masses.

What? You really don’t think the boys in the shadow government are behind the internet piracy websites?

Wow! You are new here aren’t you?!

Sure, there are some “legit” piracy sites out there… you know, the guys who couldn’t get a Wall Street bailout of their own… and they do actually scam the major entertainment industry sites offering boot-leg black-market copies of the vastly overpriced offerings for people who cannot afford the “real” thing in the present depressed economy… Yes, those vile criminals.

You know, the real bad guys! They are probably based in Nigeria and use it as a cover to hide their WMD or they might be in an underground bunker in the Gaza Strip working for either the CIA or Mossad and plan to use it to frame Hamas…

And I have no problem with the Feds cracking down on those guys, even if they are on the Federal payroll. I applaud any legal maneuvers to keep those people out of business. What I object to is bowing to the FEAR they are creating with this issue in order to hand them some very high-level legal powers to combat this handful of leeches.

The SOPA and PIPA laws are like handing a feral boy scout a laser cannon to swat a few flies.

It is overkill pure and simple…

Which can, of course, only mean one thing: the focus of the law is on something else entirely. And we all can guess pretty quickly what that is: us, the free-thinking and vocal citizenry.

Yep. They cannot take away our handguns (yet) so they try and take away the only viable source of free communication left open to us. And if anyone here thinks the media (any branch or brand of that beast) is doing anything in our interest, think again.

Modern media has become nothing more than a “spin control” tool for the monied interests running the government.

Stay vigilant and keep your heads down.

(Aw, darn! Now I am even starting to sound a little paranoid!)

Forget Ebay… Yahoo… Google…

December 28, 2009

All three would like to think of themselves as THE prime money-maker on the internet. But something is far more valuable that shopping, searching, and sales: Pornography.

Why? Think for a moment: the spread of pornography is indicative of what? (And, no, it is not just the degradation of the society, the family structure, and the status of the female in the social structure, although these may play supporting roles.)

Many years ago, I encountered a study conducted on livestock during drought conditions, when food supplies ran low. It seemed the critters feared dying from lack of food and followed their natural instinct: breeding.

Others have noticed this same trend with humans in starvation conditions.

You might wonder why this natural instinct to procreate when all our analytical faculties tell us it should be a time of reducing the number of mouths to feed. Perhaps those instincts tell us there may be more food in the future and so we need to create offspring to get there, just in case we don’t.

Okay, you say, but what has that got to do with pornography?

When your body thinks it is starving, it starts holding onto every spare calorie it can. A lot of the current obesity is caused by people eating food that has no nutritional value but lots of “empty calories”. You can eat and gorge on these processed foods (and these Genetically Modified foods) and your body will panic because it finds no nutritional substances coming in!

So, if your body thinks it is starving…

Many experience weight gains and, in many others, an increased sex drive results. Hence the high attendance at porn sites.

Another of the marvelous side-effects of modern technology. And the conspiracy. (No, they did not create the porn websites, but their actions contribute to the continued success of them, however inadvertent.)

It is just another visible symptom of our social downward-spiral thanks to those “in charge”. I wonder if we can notice other symptoms of social illnesses around us…