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the Most Assassinated President in History

May 29, 2017


There have been four Presidents in American history that have been removed from office – as well as this physical plane – through assassination.

James A. Garfield and William McKinley are rarely remembered today even though they were shot to death while in office. The other two, Lincoln and Kennedy, have been revered long after their demise. The former has had his reputation steadily increased over the decades while the other finds himself further and further tarnished.

Why has it been necessary for John F. Kennedy to be assassinated more than once?

The physical assassination was witnessed by many and the horrific act shocked the world. Nations across the globe issued stamps honoring the man in whom more than one nation’s people saw a bright and shining light for the future.

It is perhaps because of that international reverence that the second assassination took place; the character assassination of Kennedy began with rumors of infidelity, a few tawdry books based on speculation and rumor, and a now general consensus that the man was less than stellar as a human being. James DiEugenio has shown how the illusion of moral shortcomings came to be in his 1997 study, “The Posthumous Assassination of John F. Kennedy“.

Apparently, though most people bought that pack of lies, they still continued to revere the memory of the man who let us glimpse a modern Camelot. So, there has now come a third, a political assassination of Kennedy and his ideas. At the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Bill, many stated that it was all Lyndon Johnson’s idea, and not Kennedy’s. Instead, that conveniently moved the War in Viet Name from LBJ’s list of accomplishments to JFK’s.

I was there and I remember quite clearly all the work President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, did for Civil Rights and when LBJ took office he stated – quite clearly – that he would ensure the passage of the Civil Rights act because it was something very dear to JFK.

Why are they trying to re-write history again?

Because, it seems, too many people still think a little too highly of JFK.

And many of those people would still like to discover the plot behind his death and removal.

Kennedy might not have lived to the ripe old age of one-hundred, but he most assuredly did not deserve to die as young as he did.

These continuing attempts at posthumous assassination only underscores the fact that someone is still running scared about what might be discovered.

If only everyone could learn to loathe Kennedy and all he stood for, some people would certainly sleep more easily at night.

Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.


2015 JFK Conference

November 13, 2015

I have been away for a time and busy helping some friends set up a conference on the latest research on the JFK assassination. Unfortunately, it is one that I will not be able to attend. It is going to take place Nov 21st and 22nd in Melbourne, Australia. I believe it is the first time such a conference has been held in that area of the globe and it was exciting to help get it off the ground. Hopefully, a lot of people a little closer to Melbourne will take advantage of it.

There will be the world premieres of two documentaries (one by Len Osanic and the other by Bart Kamp of the UK) and a few presentations by some big names: Jim DiEugenio, Vince Palamara, and Gayle Nix Jackson to name a few. And they will be discussing some rather remarkable new evidence that has come to light in the recent past.

Pretty cool stuff.

You can check it out at

And if you, like me, cannot make it down under, I am told they will have a DVD available of the event at some future date.

Differences of Opinion

March 10, 2013


There are some who have taken exception to parts of my volume The Plot to Kill John Wilkes Booth where I presented evidence that runs counter to “the accepted version”.

One must remember that in most occurrences, eyewitnesses are liable to recall different details, actions, or even ordering of the events. The “accepted version” uses its set of testimony and I use others that they have discarded.

Is there some rule of thumb that I used to “weight” the evidence? Most certainly!

If the evidence came from the mouth of Edwin Stanton – and most of the evidence did, then I disregard it. Why? Simple! My theory is that he was in charge of the cover-up and therefore anything he put into evidence was suspect.

Several of the witnesses during the course of the investigation also changed their testimonies. The altered testimony seemed to fall perfectly into line with the swill that Stanton was pedaling. I have chosen their earlier testimony over the later one, claiming their new version was influenced.

A fine example of the varying versions of testimony is to be found in We Saw Lincoln Shot by Timothy S. Good, and the author does an admirable job of trying to sort them all out.

So with all the data floating around and all the variant versions of testimony along every step of the way of the investigation and trial, a lot of different theories can be constructed.

I just took one that seemed to fit the evidence better than I thought the others did.

That’s not to say someone else cannot construct a different theory that satisfies their own interpretations better.

We are all free to surmise as wildly as we want. As long as we can find evidence to back it up.

Still a Draw After 150 Years

February 22, 2013


The National Geographic channel’s “Killing Lincoln” garnered the station its highest ratings ever!

But, as I am sure you realize, the sesquicentennial of the assassination is rapidly approaching. It will be just over two years from now, in April 2015. And I am certain that there will be more and more shows and books on the subject as the date draws nearer.

The version NatGeo showed was from the book by Bill O’Reilly, the television personality. Though it follows pretty much the straight “approved” historical account, O’Reilly adds a few personal touches in adding some modern political flavor into the ballad.

I did not see the program but I am fairly well versed in Lincolnania and specifically the assassination.

Several of my previous posts have touched on the subject (as well two published volumes). And so I am always on the lookout for anything new.

Unfortunately, the O’Reilly version tells the same old story we have all heard before with the same misconceptions told and retold.

The presentation was entertaining but there was nothing new brought to the table in its rendition.

Lincoln and the assassination is a lucrative market – with at least five new books published every year on the subject – but rehashing the same old information is not very interesting for me.

Moving Onward Now… or Backward

December 8, 2012

I have been writing a lot about John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Assassination. Perhaps I am obsessed with the topic but it has been the subject of several volumes I have written. Two novels, Eighteen Pages and its sequel Eighteen Pages More, as well as the non-fiction companion volume, The Plot to Kill John Wilkes Booth.

All are published by Martian Publishing and available in print and ebook formats from Amazon and other sites. (See for all the particulars as I don’t keep up with all that stuff.)

But I think it is time to move beyond the Lincoln Assassination and its clone, the Kennedy Assassination, to get onto other portions of the ages-old conspiracy. I have not covered the JFK assassination to any large degree but there are plenty of resources online to tear the whole “lone gunman” theory to ribbons. And there are plenty of sites who dismantle the Robert Kennedy and the Martin Luther King killings as well. And, yes, they are part and parcel of the same conspiracy.

But I think it is time to put the recent conspiracy to bed and delve deeper into the cases in the more distant past where the conspiracy has reared its ugly little head.

The Catholic Church dominated the western world for more than a millennium and yet there are traces of the conspiracy throughout their rule of terror foisted on mankind as a beneficent monarchy. Certainly there were good works done during that time by members of the Church but that was almost a happenstance. People generally tend to do good to others, its our nature. But that was not the power or policy behind the megalith that rolled over Europe and halted progress for so many centuries.

Perhaps it is time to turn to that part of the conspiracy.

After all, there IS just the one.

My Theory on Booth II

November 12, 2012


Meanwhile, I read the ravings in Booth’s “diary”, the day-book he carried with him on his escape from D.C.

He spoke of having to push his way past “their Colonel” and raise the pistol, speaking the words “sic semper tyranis” before he fired, not later. This did not seem to jibe with the eyewitness accounts at all.

Then he said something that amazed me. “I have a mind to go back into the City and prove my innocence, which I feel I can do.”

Obviously, the man was quite mad. After admitting just two pages earlier that he had pushed past the “colonel” to kill the President, how could he possibly think he could prove any innocence?

There were two very real possibilities that I could see:
1 – Booth was completely unhinged at this point and unable to function any better than an idiot, or
2 – the record had been doctored.
A third possibility, that he meant he could simply get off on the insanity plea made popular by Stanton a few years earlier, would not actually “prove his innocence” so I did not consider it.

As #1 was completely counter productive for my purposes, I chose option #2 and began looking for evidence.

Is it possible that the diary could have been forged? When dealing with people in the intelligence services – yes, even way back then – such a possibility cannot be ruled out. But what could be the purpose of such forgery?

With Booth already seeming to have admitted to the crime – even though it is surprising that he did not know the difference between a Major and a Colonel – what could have been the purpose of admitting to it and then denying such admittance? It seemed obvious he was supposed to look deranged, and perhaps he was…

Another interesting thing about the little book was that Stanton had gotten it – along with all the other evidence concerning the crime – and he had locked it up in his safe. Its existence was not known at the time of the trial of the conspirators and was not learned about until a year later, and even then the “missing pages” created quite a stink.

Another interesting fact in the case is that the small book was supposed to have been taken off Booth’s body at the Garrett Farm when he died and was taken back to the capital with the corpse.

Unfortunately, the photographer at the War Department photographed the book and the images contained in the back pocket – photos of several female companions of Booth – and dated the photographic plates when he archived them. The date he write was the day before Booth died.

So there is a mystery even on this little piece of the puzzle. But, hey, the clerk simply forgot what day it was. I mean, the President had just been assassinated, you know. That could be enough to rattle anyone.

But it sure throws a monkey wrench into what would elsewise be a perfectly clear-cut case… yada yada yada.

And then there is the evidence that it was not Booth who died at Garrett’s farm. Like the Elvis sightings more recently, many people had claimed to have seen the assassin later.

Most historians, scoff at the idea, many pointing to the later exhumation of the body where several witnesses examined the remains. One person present attempted to remove Booth’s boot and found the foot had remained in the boot, because of the break in the leg caused by the jump to the stage after the assassination.

And that evidence should suffice for most people except for the location of Booth’s boot. You see, the infamous Doctor Mudd had to remove that boot to work on Booth’s leg. And since the foot had already swollen too much to pull the boot off, Mudd had to cut the footwear off. He later turned it over to investigators.

If the body had been Booth, he should have still worn the shoe Mudd had given him, and not a boot! The evidence from the exhumation examination proves it was not Booth.

Historians like to also claim that the Booth family identified the body as well and buried it in the family plot in an unmarked grave.

But, once again, that evidence points toward Booth’s survival. After escaping, I am certain he would have told his family of his continued existence. The family, on seeing someone else presented to them would have said “Yes, that’s John” to keep the government at bay. If they had said it was not John, it would have begun the search again.

And their burying it without markings could also point in that direction as well.

So, if the historians are wrong on this little detail, imagine how far they are wrong with the rest of the case.

Booth vs Oswald

October 19, 2012

In the last post I was talking about Stephen King’s comments on Oswald being the sole gunman in the Kennedy assassination.

As much I enjoyed reading the novel 11/22/63, I read it for what it was, fiction. Just because his research did not seem to uncover any evidence that went against the Congressional investigations – unless, of course, that was the extent of any investigating he accomplished – does not mean there isn’t any.

And there is. Plenty.

There are several places on the web showing evidence that the Zapruder film was “doctored”. Certain frames seem to enhance the damage to Kennedy’s head by the shot from the rear. The fact that the motorcade came to a stop is not shown on the film at all. But still the marvelous cloud of pink spray behind the President’s head was not removed… perhaps no one noticed it.

The two best sites for this are and

One author, Vincent Bugliosi, contends that Oswald was far too unreliable for him to have been the pawn for a conspiracy by the CIA or the Mafia. And if he had been a part of a conspiracy, wouldn’t there have been a car to whisk him away to safety? Indeed, Bugliosi boasts, Oswald was the first assassin to escape by public transportation!

Actually if the twenty-four year old Oswald had been part of the assassination, why would he linger in the lunchroom at the schoolbook depository before leaving the area? That is the behavior of an innocent man, not a erratic and unreliable young man.

But this description of Oswald sounds a lot like the backers of the Lincoln assassination in the volume Dark Union. They also would not have relied on Booth because he was found to be erratic and unreliable. Even the Confederate Secret Service would have known as much if it had been them behind the plot.

So, the evidence in both cases points to the assassins being lone mavericks, unstable and neurotic, surprisingly incapable of rational thought for extended periods of time and yet we are led to believe that these two young men were able to take out two presidents!

With all the lose ends and doctored evidence in both cases, I second Oswald’s motion that he was just a patsy.

And I think it holds true for Booth’s case as well.

Free Book Giveaway

May 4, 2012

No, there’s no catch. I have recently published my novel, Eighteen Pages, and the publisher wants to do a free book giveaway.

Your name will NOT be entered into some government database to track your purchasing habits or… Well, at least not by getting the free book. I think they already do that stuff anyway.

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a Variety of Paranoias

March 10, 2010

To show you the way my mind works, I will discuss a group of connections so abstruse, so tenuous, that no one in a million years would probably follow the chain in the same way.

John Wilkes Booth survived the chase after the Lincoln assassination to escape the country – according to many accounts – and wound up living in India, where he supposedly died. He had made a trip to America in the 1870’s to distribute some funds to his three children – daughters by three separate women – and used the law firm of U. S. Grant (yes, the former President of the U.S.) to handle the distribution. The lawyer at the firm who handled the case was none other than Lew Wallace, former Union General, judge at the trial of the Lincoln Conspirators, and governor of New Mexico territory (who treated with Billy the Kid while he was governor). Lew Wallace wrote a novel called Ben Hur around the time of his governorship and after meeting with Booth from India, wrote another novel called Prince of India.

All very interesting, huh? Another fascinating thing was Grant’s trip to India after his Presidency where he met with the widow of Booth. Curious, huh? And John Singleton Mosby, former head of Mosby’s Rangers of the Confederate forces, was U.S. Consul in Hong Kong under President Grant.

Turning our attention back to New Mexico, we notice Billy the Kid was murdered by Pat Garrett – all right, killed if you will but as Billy was shot in the back, I still consider it a murder – the same Pat Garrett who was later involved in several land disputes with one Jesse Wayne Brazel – about, of all things, grazing goats on what was considered cattle land – the last of which resulted in Garrett being shot in the back himself.

It is interesting to note that J. W. Brazel later owned a ranch which he subsequently sold but his family still later held the Brazel Ranch, just outside of Roswell, where his nephew, William “Mac” Brazel encountered a UFO in 1947. Sound familiar?

By some weird logic, I have connected Booth with the alien crash at Roswell. How strange is that, huh?

But strange connections are what makes life and study so interesting!

the Earliest Case of Going Postal on Record?

October 23, 2009

So, here we have the scenario:

Booth was going to kidnap Lincoln in a last ditch effort to save the South (though Lee had surrendered, 75% of the Confederate armies were still in the field and would not surrender for some time).

Stanton — for unknown reasons but probably through his connections with the Radical Republicans — was surrepticiously aiding Booth in his attempt.

Rathbone was an associate of Stanton’s at the War Department, acting for yet another group, kills Lincoln as Booth enters the box.

Booth then runs for his life, Stanton scrambles to cover his involvement, and Rathbone is a hero that could not quite save the Man.

So, what we have thus far is a strange set of circumstances without them going anywhere. So where to look for the next string of clues?

I went to the Trial Records of the Lincoln Conspirators — as lovely a kangaroo proceeding as you’d want to see — to see what I could dredge up. And it wasn’t very pretty.

Aside from the many and lengthy legal persiflage and chicanery, there was something rather ominous: not only was a former Postmaster General on the Judge panel but a couple of other Postmasters General were witnesses. AND there was a lawyer who had patented the postal cancelling device as well. And he was quite a character!

Marcus P. Norton was a patent attorney who seemed to also be something of an inventor himself… at least he patented inventions he claimed were his own. Unfortunately, he seems to have been in court quite a bit with other characters who claim he stole their inventions.

He was also the character who gave the damning evidence against Doctor Mudd at the trial, claiming he saw Mudd with Booth early in 1865 at a Washington Hotel. He claimed to remember the day exactly because he was there to argue a certain case before the Supreme Court.

The clerk of the Supreme Court testified later that, yes, Mr. Norton had the right day, but the wrong year! But attempts to impeach the witness’ testimony seem to have been set aside and Mudd was convicted.

Yes, this Norton was quite a guy, it seems. And to top it off, he was in the Ford’s Theater shortly before, complaining of the locks on the box doors. Most interesting…

But it doesn’t add up to much of a conspiracy, does it?

Well, let’s also add that Judge Advocate General Holt, as well as the other two former Postmasters General all hailed from Troy, New York, as did the erstwhile lawyer, Norton. And add to that Troy’s other famous son: Boston Corbett.

And exactly who is this Boston Corbett?

The man who claimed to have killed John Wilkes Booth.

The story just keeps getting more interesting all the time!