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1984 and Beyond

April 22, 2015

A couple of years back, my older brother came across an article about the conspiracy. Apparently, he doesn’t bother reading any of my stuff, I guess.

Anyway, he bombarded the pages of friends and family for about eighteen months before the flood slowed and he can resume rational discourse.

Yesterday, my daughter’s father-in-law posted something similar as if he had just stumbled upon the conspiracy himself. It was a long-winded rant with multiple links to plenty of news items and op-ed pieces.

Very – *yawn* – thrilling, no?

And someone likened what we have now to the wonderful novel by George Orwell called 1984, a dystopic tale about how bad a repressive society can become.

What I have seen in history mirrors a lot of what we see in Orwell’s tome but we should remember that is not the end of societal evolution but only a small snapshot of a singular phase.

Similar repressive societies have existed in the past and they have all collapsed due to either external or internal pressures.

Sure, armed insurrection is not likely to happen in most countries even as their rights and privileges are being stripped away, even as they move closer everyday to eventual slavery, the fear of personal harm keeps the populace docile.

It is only when the prospect of living becomes more distasteful than dying that such things occur. As long as the people can be lulled into thinking their slavery IS freedom, the command structure will hold firm. When that illusion is pierced – some straw that breaks the camel’s back – the flood-gates open and the rabid mob will rise up against whatever weapons can be brought to bear but will win the day by sheer numerical superiority alone. The survivors – whose numbers will be greatly reduced – will cobble together some basic agrarian society and start all over again.

Not pretty, I know, but history shows the cycle recurring over and over. The overlord types try different methods to control populations but it always falls apart and the tyranny crumbles.

I suppose after enough trial and error, failed plans and tweaked adjustments, someone might come up with the right formula for such long-term worldwide control. I haven’t seen the mathematical models but I doubt it can be sustained. Dull-witted subservience is not anywhere in our genetic makeup. Attempts to cull it out of the herd will not go well because it is a basic part of our survival instincts. They would be better served by dominating the monkeys or the cattle. Trying it with humans (even those that some call “sheeple”) will never stand.

Believe me on this one. On this I have seen the math models.


Subtlety Lost on the Masses

March 22, 2013


Many think the art of subtlety is pretty much gone in today’s world.

Songs played on the radio are in-your-face with sex and violence and even the most “tame” television shows use the same stuff to sell themselves to the viewing audience.

It is as if the use of subtlety has become a lost art form, finding no place in the two-second sound bytes that have become the standard fodder of our social media.

Fortunately, it is still alive and well.

A prime example of this is the reporting done by the media. We are bombarded with the “new” things like the “fiscal cliff” and the “sequester” as if these were something far different than the normal run-of-the-mill misfeasance running rampant in our government. No, it is pretty much the same old stuff as before but just with a shiny new package.

Another example is the news articles about things like “god particles”, black holes, and global warming.

Today I saw one about the latter. The report said the planet had warmed up more drastically in the last hundred years than it has in the previous 11,000 years… and we should be worried.

Nowhere mentioned is what happened prior to the 11,000 year ago mark as if we should only be concerned with that particular period. It was obvious they didn’t mention anything prior as it would have invalidated the report. And, of course, they never mention that all this is still just a theory.

Just a theory and nothing more.

They act as if this pronouncement is really news.

The supposition here is very subtle. It is that we do not have to think. We do not have to question. We merely need to accept the words of the “experts”.

The removal of our basic right to think is being eroded in this manner. We become so accustomed to having other people do our thinking… no longer is any of this “theorizing” it is newsworthy.

In 1984, Orwell created his “thought police” but what we have is far more subtle, far more proactive, if you will. Yes, why try and catch people for wrong thinking, why not simply start at the source?

So some people are given the title of “expert” in the world because they are supposed to know a bit more than the rest of us.

How many stories have you heard where a doctor tells a family that nothing can be done, the patient will never recover, never be able to walk, or talk, or whatever else the area of concern is.

Then the patient goes off and does what the doctor claimed was impossible.

People always simply say it was a miracle!!

Actually, it was another attempt to free you from your ability to think for yourself. For every “miracle” we hear about, how many other cases are there where the families just nod at what the doctors say and give up hope?

We have to stop allowing our thinking to be done by others.

When reports tell us the experts say “so-and-so” let’s start asking the intelligent questions, expose them for the dilettante theorists that they are.

When next you hear about a “black hole” or the “big bang”, “evolution”, “sub-atomic particles”, and so many other newsworthy items, just remember they are ALL theories. And until someone actually produces some hard proof of any of them, they will remain simple theories.

And when you think to “get a second opinion”, don’t go to another doctor. That’s the same opinion from another mouthpiece.

Unless you luckily come across a doctor who actually thinks.

Noticing Things

March 4, 2013


Television hasn’t gotten the “conspiracy angle” right yet but then neither have a lot of people out there… somewhere… where Fox Mulder is still tracking down his truth.

The media is – though I believe in many ways “unwitting” – the biggest (mis)leader in the cause.

As I mentioned earlier on the gun issue, they gave us two choices out there. One – increase the ban on guns, or Two – increase the treatments for mental disorders. They act as if those are the only two choices available but that is an error.

The media is just “reporting” the news, right?

Another thing that got misdirected by practically everyone was the altruistic move by billionaire Warren Buffet to give money to the government.

Everybody said “What a nice guy, huh?” as if the move was really very meaningful. Nobody questioned deeper into the thing.

Certainly it was nice to see one of the wealthiest people in the world suddenly seem to wake up and take notice that people around him were hurting while he was living the good life. Hey, maybe the guy was just blind for the last thirty years, huh, so let’s cut him some slack, okay?

What seems to have gotten overlooked in the media coverage was the very American attitude of trying to solve problems by doing something as lame as “throwing money at it”. No, that was not brought up. But that is minor, and not the main oversight.

Just exactly where does Warren Buffet get his money?

Primarily from dealings that involve the government. A strapped, cash-poor government would actually hurt Mr. Buffet. So, by “giving” to the government and encouraging others to do the same, he is actually helping to support all the businesses he has a stake in that make their money from the government.

It was really nothing more than moving his money from one hand to another.

And he is portrayed as a Robin Hood for doing so.

And, no, this is not the central core of the conspiracy, but it shows you HOW the darned thing works.

Pretty soon you will start to believe everything the media tells you.

And you will thank them for it.

Truth is lies. Slavery is freedom. War is peace.

an End to Senseless Acts

December 15, 2012

After hearing the news about the shooting at the school in Connecticut, I did not have to bother holding my breath before the anti-gun coalition began their usual rant. “Ban the guns!” they cried, so this won’t happen again.

That has got to be the absolute stupidest thing to ever come out of anyone’s mouth… well, at least since the Nixon administration.

When 9/11 occurred, I didn’t hear anyone talk about outlawing airplanes. When the numbers come in after a holiday weekend about how many died on the roads, I don’t hear people ranting about outlawing cars.

Currently, there are about 3 guns in America for every man, woman, and child in the nation. And since I don’t have any of them, somebody has a LOT of guns. Many friends who are hunters have more than a dozen hunting rifles and pistols.

And just how many of those guns are used in the commission of a crime? How many of that mountain of firearms are used in senseless mayhem at schools, shopping malls, or movie theaters?

Less than a tenth of one percent.

Less than one hundredth of one percent.

Less than one thousandth of one percent.

So, who among any conscious group of supposedly thinking individuals can possibly think that getting rid of guns is the answer?

This year alone there were over fifty killings done with knives. So, why aren’t we outlawing knives?

It is not about the weapons. As many bumper stickers proclaim “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People”. The problem is not in the GUN otherwise there would be fifty million people killed every year by the things. The problem is in the people who do the senseless act.

We need to help those people. How? I could offer some psychotherapy or other medical treatment but I find more harm in pharmaceuticals than in projectile weapons.

Perhaps we could start by acting more like the Christians we are supposed to be and look for guidance from above rather than from our lawmakers. Anyone who happened to study what the legal people in Washington are up to would know better than to trust anything to their bickering partisanship. Leave them completely OUT of the equation unless you want the situation seriously F’d-up more than it already is. From their track record, there is not much “help” available from that quarter.

Personally, I would like to see a complete psychological and pharmaceutical profile of the recent shooters and determine what similarities appear in the cases before trying any ad hoc determinations of what the problem is. Many times, these people were “fine” until a short time before they went around the bend… other times there was a history of weirdness. Either way, I think there is enough smoke to look for chemical neuro-pathogens before deciding the guns themselves are the demon-possessed artifacts most pundits are now claiming.

And – since I am a “conspiracy theorist”, I will go a step further and claim this is nothing more than the latest in the bad guys’ efforts to get guns outlawed.

Like Jefferson observed, an unarmed populace is one that is quickly subjugated. He saw it clearly over two hundred years ago, so why can’t we notice it today?

The media. They like to keep stirring up the fear, stirring up chaos, stirring up the need we should feel to surrender yet another of our rights and freedoms to the man in order to feel safe.

And what do I see for the future? Another supposedly “senseless” attack, and then another. They will continue, and they will probably get worse and worse, until they get the legislation passed to finally outlaw our guns.

And all we have to give them is our weapons. Yes, just that one small thing, the arms we could use to protect ourselves. Oh, that and the complete bundle of all our rights and freedoms.

And then we will feel safe.

At last.

Peace is War.

Lie is Truth.

Freedom is Slavery.

And we will finally be free of this “senseless” violence.

What we will have will be so much better: sensible violent subjugation.

Aiding the Conspiracy

January 15, 2010

Many people think all those who are involved in the conspiracy are conspirators. But that is far from the reality of the situation.

A lot of the people are just doing their job – albeit some very shady employment – without knowing anything about the bigger picture.

As much as the public is aware of the pollutants being dumped into the environment by some of the larger corporations, I seriously doubt a secretary in the company is in on that aspect of the company. She just types letters and files memos. She really does not have a clue about the pollution; she was not invited to the executive meeting where they decided to dump the dangerous chemicals.

And neither are the stockholders in on the problem, but they are so much more to blame than the secretary. It is generally for their benefit that the company takes such money-saving expedients. And though they are not in on the decision-making, they applaud the money saved by the company. Most of these people may even suspect some shady dealings but they turn a blind eye.

The media – who is probably the largest co-conspiratorial group we have – does not really know what’s going on either. I do not know if it is simply their lack of interest in the stories they cover or the deadlines imposed that allows their coverage to be so shoddy and shallow. It is the lack of journalistic integrity that does the public the most harm. Most of these people simply take the government handouts (called “news releases”) without question and regurgitate them for our perusal.

After the Lincoln Assassination, Edwin Stanton (Secretary of War) headed the investigation and saw to it that ALL the information went through him. The press ate it up without anyone seriously questioning the wisdom of such a system. Unfortunately, the same system seems to be in place today without anyone being on the side of the people… or the truth.

Without the slightest interest in true investigative reporting, the public is left in the dark, without a clue as to what is really going on around them, in their name.

We live in the world predicted by Orwell’s 1984 though most people would refuse to believe it.

The office of disinformation is operating at capacity.

Burying our head in the sand or merely blaming our elected officials (or whoever) is not going to get the job done either.

By our inactivity, we are aiding and abetting the conspiracy too.