Not What You Think

A few days following Super Tuesday’s clean-up by Donald Trump, one commenter on one of the wire services said that Trump was only running to put Hillary in the White House.

Most of the responders to him called him a kook, a crack pot, or simply an idiot. Some added more to their ribbing with snippets like “why would a billionaire waste so much time and money to get Clinton in the White House?”

All the responders agreed that the idea was completely ludicrous. Why, indeed, would anyone even consider such a ridiculous idea!?!

History, that’s why.

Perhaps the responders were just ignorant of that which they are being doomed to repeat or perhaps they are simply slow to draw that faded line from point A to B.

This has happened before.

And not so very long ago.

The year was 1992 and incumbent President George H. W. Bush had a lock on re-election.

His challenger was a Governor from Arkansas, a state whose economics were in shambles and whose educational system was at the very bottom of all scales used. Yes, Clinton had a tough row to hoe in 1992.

Then up came a giant-killer by the name of Ross Perot. Ostensibly a Republican, he entered the race as an Independent. He was a billionaire and spent his own time and money “running for the office”.

Around the end of summer, he had gleaned enough votes from the Republican faithful backing Bush that Clinton had pulled ahead in the polls.

Suddenly, Perot got very quiet. Like some mouse, he had scurried away and left the race behind. For a time…

Then about a month before the general election, in early October, Bush had pulled ahead in the polls again, gaining momentum and looking to clinch the election.

Suddenly, Perot was resurrected, returning to the fray, pulling Republicans away from Bush. And he kept this up until election day.

Clinton won by a small margin. Had Perot not been there, it should have gone the other way.

In his first week in the White House, Clinton had Ross Perot over for a state dinner.

I wonder how else he assisted the man who had gotten him elected?

Still think Trump cannot be in it to get Hillary elected?


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