Lincoln’s Death

A hundred-fifty years ago today, the first American President was murdered for personal reasons.

The reasons may never be known nor even be researched for the imagery of his death has come to mean so very much more than the man meant while alive.

His life, his presidency, and most especially his death are political slogans, metaphors, leverage, and – most importantly – political capital to be spent over and over and…

Yes, and this is a “capitalism” is it not?



2 Responses to “Lincoln’s Death”

  1. Debbie Says:

    I think it was a political coup to overthrow the government. I think John Wilkes Booth and Edgar Allan Poe were one and the same person or Poe was murdered and John Wilkes Booth took his place. Shortly after the supposed murder of John Wilkes Booth in a barn somewhere in Virginia (of which there are no formal accounts ); Edgar Allen Poe shows up on a park bench in Baltimore delirium wearing someone else’s clothes.

    • fenwaybraxton Says:

      Thanks, Debbie. I, too, see connections between Poe and Booth but not like you envisage. While I do not completely rule out the use of time travel in history, I find it difficult to otherwise account for Booth becoming Poe after the assassination, since Poe’s death occurred sixteen years earlier. It is, nonetheless, an interesting theory.

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