Another Take on the JFK Assassination

I recently read 11/22/63 by Stephen King – one of my favorite authors – and really enjoyed the book.

Mister King says that he is convinced that Oswald acted alone, from all the research he has done on the subject. I cannot agree because I have probably done even more research on the subject.

He says that Conspiracy Theorists like to see structure and reason behind all things and just can’t believe Oswald was a random act, which he claims it was: the random act of a maladjusted person seeking fame in one mad act.

Hmm, I think I heard the same thing describing the assassin in an earlier event… John Wilkes Booth was the fellow’s name, I believe.

And that’s why I am not a big fan of the “random act” theory by the Government investigators. So much of the JFK assassination mirrored the event some ninety-eight years before. It is this fact that makes the identification of Oswald seem spurious.

And why would anyone think the physical evidence proves there was only one shooter? It is so far away from reality that you have to invent the “magic bullet” to explain the facts.

Plus the Zapruder film distinctly shows Kennedy’s head blown toward the back. An “expert” says it was the shot from the rear that caused Kennedy’s head to jerk forward only to recoil when his chin hit his chest…

Well, yeah, but what about the marvelous pink spray blowing out behind the President’s head? Did the particles of blood and brain also recoil against something or were they simply continuing the momentum from the bullet fired from the front of the President’s vehicle?

Yes, it is easy to research the assassination and come away with the same result as the congressional investigation, or you can actually do a little more analytic survey and see the patterns behind peoples actions.

Especially when the pattern is such a close duplication of an earlier event.


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2 Responses to “Another Take on the JFK Assassination”

  1. Patrick Says:

    See Mark Lane’s work. CIA directives going all the way back to the early Sixties state agency policy of recruiting authors and others to advance the “lone nut” theory of the JFK assassination. Also, there is are directives establishing a policy of discrediting anyone who suggests that it might be otherwise. Given this established historical practice, a practice of organized disinformation, I don’t accept that we are in a position to conclude much about the JFK assassination. So it is proper to continue inquiring.

    I listened to Stephen King’s statement at the end of the audiobook of !!/22/63 and I have to say that I find it shameful. People are still arguing about points and aspects of the Lincoln assassination, as well they should. This is our country. Our president was murdered. We are a free people. We have the right to study the facts without being told that the issue is settled. As to Lincoln and as to JFK, continued inquiry into the facts a healthy practice by a free people. And it is about the facts, not a theory. The facts. Our tax dollars are still being spent to hide the facts from us. As long as this practice persists, we can’t even begin to finish Stage One of the inquiry. .

    • fenwaybraxton Says:

      I believe Lane’s RUSH TO JUDGMENT said it all. They “solved” the case far too quickly to have done an acceptable job. Too many questions still remain and it doesn’t look like we are getting any closer to solving anything about the case.

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