Putin’s Violin

July 13, 2017

America’s obsession with “Russian interference” has reached a fever pitch… and all I can do is laugh.

Trump Jr went to a meeting to “get dirt on Hillary” but none such was actually received.

There have been blips and burps of connections with Russia leaked for months concerning BOTH Trump and Clinton and those who care about such things are frothing at the mouth to dig in.

Surprise! Just like Trump Jr’s meeting: all talk and no substance.

How better to manipulate the American political climate but to imply connections with either or both parties’ candidates, set up meetings to cast suspicion on everyone, and then sit back and enjoy the show?

You do not have to actually interfere in anything, just drop hints about the “furtive” meetings and allow the media to dig a little to find the “scoop”. You know, that thing you use to clean out the cat box.

And that amounts to what we are seeing mostly here, after months and months of ravenous searching.

Is Russia interfering in American politics?


And all Putin had to do was infer that he was interfering in American politics… then sit back and watch us rip out each other’s throats.

Who needs a Stradivarius?

Putin has America.


the Most Assassinated President in History

May 29, 2017


There have been four Presidents in American history that have been removed from office – as well as this physical plane – through assassination.

James A. Garfield and William McKinley are rarely remembered today even though they were shot to death while in office. The other two, Lincoln and Kennedy, have been revered long after their demise. The former has had his reputation steadily increased over the decades while the other finds himself further and further tarnished.

Why has it been necessary for John F. Kennedy to be assassinated more than once?

The physical assassination was witnessed by many and the horrific act shocked the world. Nations across the globe issued stamps honoring the man in whom more than one nation’s people saw a bright and shining light for the future.

It is perhaps because of that international reverence that the second assassination took place; the character assassination of Kennedy began with rumors of infidelity, a few tawdry books based on speculation and rumor, and a now general consensus that the man was less than stellar as a human being. James DiEugenio has shown how the illusion of moral shortcomings came to be in his 1997 study, “The Posthumous Assassination of John F. Kennedy“.

Apparently, though most people bought that pack of lies, they still continued to revere the memory of the man who let us glimpse a modern Camelot. So, there has now come a third, a political assassination of Kennedy and his ideas. At the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Bill, many stated that it was all Lyndon Johnson’s idea, and not Kennedy’s. Instead, that conveniently moved the War in Viet Name from LBJ’s list of accomplishments to JFK’s.

I was there and I remember quite clearly all the work President Kennedy and his brother, Robert, did for Civil Rights and when LBJ took office he stated – quite clearly – that he would ensure the passage of the Civil Rights act because it was something very dear to JFK.

Why are they trying to re-write history again?

Because, it seems, too many people still think a little too highly of JFK.

And many of those people would still like to discover the plot behind his death and removal.

Kennedy might not have lived to the ripe old age of one-hundred, but he most assuredly did not deserve to die as young as he did.

These continuing attempts at posthumous assassination only underscores the fact that someone is still running scared about what might be discovered.

If only everyone could learn to loathe Kennedy and all he stood for, some people would certainly sleep more easily at night.

Nope. Ain’t gonna happen.

Not What You Think

March 10, 2016

A few days following Super Tuesday’s clean-up by Donald Trump, one commenter on one of the wire services said that Trump was only running to put Hillary in the White House.

Most of the responders to him called him a kook, a crack pot, or simply an idiot. Some added more to their ribbing with snippets like “why would a billionaire waste so much time and money to get Clinton in the White House?”

All the responders agreed that the idea was completely ludicrous. Why, indeed, would anyone even consider such a ridiculous idea!?!

History, that’s why.

Perhaps the responders were just ignorant of that which they are being doomed to repeat or perhaps they are simply slow to draw that faded line from point A to B.

This has happened before.

And not so very long ago.

The year was 1992 and incumbent President George H. W. Bush had a lock on re-election.

His challenger was a Governor from Arkansas, a state whose economics were in shambles and whose educational system was at the very bottom of all scales used. Yes, Clinton had a tough row to hoe in 1992.

Then up came a giant-killer by the name of Ross Perot. Ostensibly a Republican, he entered the race as an Independent. He was a billionaire and spent his own time and money “running for the office”.

Around the end of summer, he had gleaned enough votes from the Republican faithful backing Bush that Clinton had pulled ahead in the polls.

Suddenly, Perot got very quiet. Like some mouse, he had scurried away and left the race behind. For a time…

Then about a month before the general election, in early October, Bush had pulled ahead in the polls again, gaining momentum and looking to clinch the election.

Suddenly, Perot was resurrected, returning to the fray, pulling Republicans away from Bush. And he kept this up until election day.

Clinton won by a small margin. Had Perot not been there, it should have gone the other way.

In his first week in the White House, Clinton had Ross Perot over for a state dinner.

I wonder how else he assisted the man who had gotten him elected?

Still think Trump cannot be in it to get Hillary elected?

2015 JFK Conference

November 13, 2015

I have been away for a time and busy helping some friends set up a conference on the latest research on the JFK assassination. Unfortunately, it is one that I will not be able to attend. It is going to take place Nov 21st and 22nd in Melbourne, Australia. I believe it is the first time such a conference has been held in that area of the globe and it was exciting to help get it off the ground. Hopefully, a lot of people a little closer to Melbourne will take advantage of it.

There will be the world premieres of two documentaries (one by Len Osanic and the other by Bart Kamp of the UK) and a few presentations by some big names: Jim DiEugenio, Vince Palamara, and Gayle Nix Jackson to name a few. And they will be discussing some rather remarkable new evidence that has come to light in the recent past.

Pretty cool stuff.

You can check it out at http://www.reopenkennedycase.org/rokc-symposium-2015

And if you, like me, cannot make it down under, I am told they will have a DVD available of the event at some future date.

1984 and Beyond

April 22, 2015

A couple of years back, my older brother came across an article about the conspiracy. Apparently, he doesn’t bother reading any of my stuff, I guess.

Anyway, he bombarded the pages of friends and family for about eighteen months before the flood slowed and he can resume rational discourse.

Yesterday, my daughter’s father-in-law posted something similar as if he had just stumbled upon the conspiracy himself. It was a long-winded rant with multiple links to plenty of news items and op-ed pieces.

Very – *yawn* – thrilling, no?

And someone likened what we have now to the wonderful novel by George Orwell called 1984, a dystopic tale about how bad a repressive society can become.

What I have seen in history mirrors a lot of what we see in Orwell’s tome but we should remember that is not the end of societal evolution but only a small snapshot of a singular phase.

Similar repressive societies have existed in the past and they have all collapsed due to either external or internal pressures.

Sure, armed insurrection is not likely to happen in most countries even as their rights and privileges are being stripped away, even as they move closer everyday to eventual slavery, the fear of personal harm keeps the populace docile.

It is only when the prospect of living becomes more distasteful than dying that such things occur. As long as the people can be lulled into thinking their slavery IS freedom, the command structure will hold firm. When that illusion is pierced – some straw that breaks the camel’s back – the flood-gates open and the rabid mob will rise up against whatever weapons can be brought to bear but will win the day by sheer numerical superiority alone. The survivors – whose numbers will be greatly reduced – will cobble together some basic agrarian society and start all over again.

Not pretty, I know, but history shows the cycle recurring over and over. The overlord types try different methods to control populations but it always falls apart and the tyranny crumbles.

I suppose after enough trial and error, fails plans and tweaked adjustments, someone might come up with the right formula for such long-term worldwide control. I haven’t seen the mathematical models but I doubt it can be sustained. Dull-witted subservience is not anywhere in our genetic makeup. Attempts to cull it out of the herd will not go well because it is a basic part of our survival instincts. They would be better served by dominating the monkeys or the cattle. Trying it with humans (even those that some call “sheeple”) will never stand.

Believe me on this one. On this I have seen the math models.

Lincoln’s Death

April 15, 2015

A hundred-fifty years ago today, the first American President was murdered for personal reasons.

The reasons may never be known nor even be researched for the imagery of his death has come to mean so very much more than the man meant while alive.

His life, his presidency, and most especially his death are political slogans, metaphors, leverage, and – most importantly – political capital to be spent over and over and…

Yes, and this is a “capitalism” is it not?

Illegal Nonimmigrants

September 29, 2013

As the pressure mounts in America what to do about the problem with illegal immigrants, there is trouble brewing south of the border.

The biggest drug lord in Mexico was gunned down.

The head of the Teachers Union in Mexico was arrested for embezzling millions.

The richest man in the world was hurt financially when the government busted up his monopoly.

And now the head of the largest trade union has been arrested on fraud charges.

So, what’s going on south of the border?

Perhaps someone should consider making that country be so well off they would not even want to come here.

But that’s not likely to happen, huh?

It’s just so much easier to buy their politicians and cripple their economy.

American ingenuity at its best.

On the Other Side of the Pond…

September 15, 2013


There were a couple of sites I saw that included images of the RAF spelling out a message to Obama: “F**K OFF”

I have seen it elsewhere on the internet and it has been shown to be a photoshopped image. Nope, it never happened. Otherwise some observant chap in the regular media would have mentioned it.

Not to say that the Brits aren’t a little cool on our President…

Meanwhile, there is a cute video from the floor of the Irish Parliament. The Taoiseach (similar to the Prime Minister), Enda Kenny, was called a pimp and a whore to Obama, who was called a warmonger and a hypocrite.

Twice in the video he is asked to answer a question and both times – just like any politician worth his salt anywhere – side-stepped, double-talked, and refused to answer the question.

Now, I just wish we had some way to help them impeach their Taoiseach… but it would be pretty lame if we cannot even impeach our own puppet at the helm.

Looks like Obama is getting a bad rep wherever he goes these days.

Hitting Up the NSA for Records

September 1, 2013


This is by far the funniest thing to come out of the revelations of the NSA eavesdropping actions.

A recent court case found the lawyer for the defense bringing up an interesting notion. His client’s phone records could help clear him… now the NSA just has to produce them.

Isn’t this a nasty precedent? If the government does not come forward with the evidence the defense attorney could file for a mistrial.

The National Security Agency has spent years demanding that companies turn over their data. Now, the tables have turned.

Then the federal government filed a motion saying it would refuse, citing “national security” but some experts say the novel legal argument could encourage other lawyers to fight for similar access.

The defendant in the case maintains his innocence and claims cellphone location records would show he wasn’t at the scene of the crime.

The laws of evidence require that prosecutors turn over to the defense any records they have that might help prove a suspect’s innocence.

One expert said, “The NSA is not above the law. It’s a government agency, just like every other government agency. Just because it has this Harry Potter-like disappearing cloak, it’s still an agency that is subject to the law.”

a Tale of One City

August 18, 2013


This is something that came to my attention before the Snowden avalanched the world.

For two days in a row in May, the very small town of Granbury, Texas, was in the news.

And neither of the stories hinge on the fact that John St Helen (a.k.a. John Wilkes Booth) once lived there.

The first mention was when the scam-master Billy Sol Estes died in his home in Granbury and the next day we heard about tornadoes that slammed the small town just outside of Ft Worth.

I’m not saying there’s any correlation between the two stories but in this butterfly-effect universe, who knows?

A hundred-ten years ago this past January (on Jan 13, 1903) David E George supposedly killed himself after confessing that he was Wilkes Booth, but that was in Enid, OK, not in Granbury.

And for the life of me I cannot figure out any connection between John Wilkes Booth and Billy Sol Estes, but I have never thought of looking in that direction before.

It’s probably nothing but just another bizarre coincidence, huh?