James Tilley Matthews was Right

June 28, 2021

During the French Revolution, a Welshman was detained for a time as a spy for the British. James Tilley Matthews was eventually released and allowed to go home where he began to make trouble.

He claimed that certain Cabinet Ministers had sold him out and were working against the people of Britain using some nefarious technology.

Naturally, they had him committed to Bedlam hospital for the insane. The Director there spent time studying the man and wrote his case into a volume describing what is today known as paranoia. Yes, Matthews was the model for what we today term as a severe mental aberration.

Unfortunately, Matthews was not imagining anything or creating this fear in his mind. It was real and he described the technology at great length.

He called them “air looms”.

He described their use at manipulating electromagnetic waves mechanically to control the minds of the population – to spread fear, panic, or apathy.

Most people who read this case assume that the Doctor was right and Tilley was simply mad.

Those who research such things at more than the superficial level see interesting parallels between Matthews’ description of the technology then and the technology being used today. There is something very familiar in his archaic contraptions and their implementation.

Sure, the technology of today is more advanced than that known in the 1780s but the underlying mechanisms and purposes are still there.

Recent articles in the Guardian and the Independent talk about the magnetization of our bloodstreams and how it can be manipulated from a distance.

And I recall a push from the medical industry several years ago about how everyone should increase the iron content of their bloodstream because so many had iron-poor blood.

Blood rich in iron should be more easily magnetized, right?

It may all sound a bit bizarre but no more bizarre than John Tilley Matthews told us about at the end of the eighteenth century.

Of course, they have also been studying how to do this same sort of control using sound waves.

This one, however, came to mind when I heard about all the people getting the new jab and suddenly becoming magnetized.

What would seem like a modern marvel has been in the works for centuries.

One only wonders how far back before the eighteenth century do these experiments go?

the Coup d’Etat

February 4, 2021

There are many researchers who consider the JFK assassination to be a coup d’etat or, in some instances, a mini-coup.

Essentially, the only person removed was JFK himself. In some definitions, the removal of only the leader is considered to be a coup, but it also should entail a change in government along new lines.

I do not see this in the JFK assassination. If anything, JFK was the attempted coup and his removal the “righting” of the ship of state.

The coup d’etat in this country, as far as I can see, was accomplished in 1789.

With only a few years under the Articles of Confederation, it was decided that we needed a stronger Executive. The ones behind this coup were also the ones behind the problems making the Articles unworkable.

They would have gotten everything they wanted but for the states who insisted on a Bill of Rights.

Playing the long game – as they do so well – they have been able to chip away at those freedoms since day one and allowed them to be infringed repeatedly.

Along the way, the government has become a bloated cash cow – finance has always been the primary choke point of a society – and they’ve been gradually eroding the freedoms since the beginning.

JFK was attempting to alter the course of the trends – a coup of major proportions – and simply had to be removed or the coup would become exposed, and THAT was the unthinkable.

His removal was a return to the status quo, not a coup d’etat.

At least in my mind.

Opinions differ.

The Murder of JFK – A Coup d’Etat?

January 14, 2021

I have quite often hear people discuss the Kennedy Assassination as a coup d’etat, as though the dark forces overthrew the government of the United States through such an act.

I have never agreed with this.

Why? Because those dark forces already had control of the country before his election. If anything, what JFK did could be considered the coup d’etat.

The classical coup d’etat is the removal of a government. In this case, the government remained intact and only the troubling puppet removed.

Upon his election, JFK approved the Bay of Pigs and agreed with the action to go forward based on the intel he was given. When it went south, the advisors stepped up with the option to go in with full military support.

Wisely, JFK did not take the bait.

This was the pivotal moment when he began to question the intel the President was being given. He began to backsource information and discovered the CIA was feeding information to forward their own means.

His attempt at dismantling the military-industrial complex running the country that Ike had warned us about was what set up his assassination.

The powers that be would not stand for a such a coup, and so they killed him.

His killing, however, was not the coup d’etat.

That had already taken place several years before when Kennedy was elected.

Indirect Proof that Oswald was Prayer Man

November 19, 2020

[Those unfamiliar with the subject of “Prayer Man” can check out the subject at ReOpen Kennedy Case Forum or look for Stan Dane’s work of that title. There appears a figure on the steps of the Texas State Depository Building at the moment JFK was killed who many have theorized was none other than Lee Harvey Oswald. One researcher thought the figure looked as though they were praying, hence “Prayer Man”.]

The Darnell film was taken just following the assassination and shows the front steps of the TSBD, even if only for a moment. This film was shown by NBC and its affiliates across the country at some time during the evening of the assassination.

The people holding the original today do not seem to be capable of admitting they actually have the film and, regardless, our efforts of obtaining scans of the frames has been stonewalled.

Most detractors say it is “someone else” or “a stranger” on the steps if not hallucinating completely and calling the figure a woman, an alien, or some species closely related to the unicorn.

Many of the detractors have commented that IF it was indeed Oswald, the “conspiracy” would have made sure the films vanished… you know, like they seem to have done as of this moment.

One round-about way of identifying the vital importance of the identification of that person on the TSBD steps is by examining the Tina Towner film.

A segment of her film shows the President’s limo turning in front of the TSBD, and for the distance of about ten to twelve frames, the mystery person could be seen. Unfortunately, it appears that the area is in too deep a shadow to discern any real definition.

Looking more closely at these frames, one can see features of the steps seem to pop in and out of view from one frame to the next. Some claim a person was moving forward and backward – and doing so very, very quickly – in and out of the sunlight at the steps.

Closer examination reveals a much darker space seeming to float over the area in question. From one frame to the next, this “darker section” seems to move up, down, left, and right but always occludes that area of the steps. At the lower edge of the occlusion, one bright white spot (apparently someone’s head) goes in and out of the occlusion and in one frame has the upper portion of the spot eclipsed by the darkened area.

Since the abnormality moves within the area of the frame, one frame to the next, remaining always over that section of the TSBD steps, to the exclusion of any other portion of the frame, it can only be an addition to the frame.

No other explanation – at least within the physical laws of the universe in which we operate – could account for this effect.

So, what can it mean?

It would seem to me that, especially seeing the reaction of the FBI to Altgens photo that showed someone who vaguely resembled Oswald, when Prayer Man was seen in Towner, they cut out very small pieces of some substance (perhaps celluloid) and pasted it onto the original film. From this doctored version they re-mastered the Towner film and called the “improved” version as the original print… oh, how original!

There seems to my mind no other sound reason for pasting a darkened overlay over every single frame that had that portion of the TSBD entry exposed.

Later viewers would merely accept the darkened area as “in shadow” and lament that there was no way to elicit more information from the film frames.

I have always contended that a spurious lack of evidence can stand as evidence of what is trying to be hidden.

In the case of the Towner film, the falsification of the film in that one area alone underscores the deep importance of that area of the evidence.

Prayer Man was Lee Harvey Oswald. For what other reason could the film have been doctored? Surely not to dissuade the presence of an unknown stranger.

Holocaust Denials

November 5, 2020

I am an historian.

My interest began while growing up in the area around Washington, DC. With the plethora of Civil War sites it was easy to become immersed in the turbulent history of those times.

Exactly when that interest spread to ancient times, I am unaware but it took hold of me and carried me through the classical period, the dark ages, and through the medieval period up to the birth of the renaissance. And that is pretty much where I stopped as I preferred to read as much of the available documentation (original sources) from each period as I could. By the reign of Elizabeth I of England, the documentary resources had reached gigantic proportions and there was no way I could possibly consult all the sources on file. So, the period after that is not as clear to me although I have read pieces from most of the decades since then.

As an historian of ancient, classical, and medieval times, I do not generally pay too much attention to modern history. Conspiracy, of course, is another matter entirely.

When I heard about people “denying the holocaust” years ago, I paid no attention to the news. From what I had seen, neo-Nazis would go to any length to forward their rather bizarre rhetoric. I figured it was just more of the same BS.

It was only when the UN passed a resolution making it illegal to deny the holocaust that I took any notice.

After looking into the matter, I am still uncertain of the reality of the situation but I can no longer assume it is just a bunch of neo-Nazis spouting garbage.

Laws being passed to forbid people thinking something smacks a little too much of Big Brother to me. We do not need thought police, we need the matter brought out and discussed like any other aspect of history, the evidence weighed, debated and so forth.

If there is any historical validity to the claims of either side, it should be examined, not swept under the rug.

I do not like the way the Kennedy assassination has been handled. Sure, there is no law against studying it and dismantling the WC but for all the coverage we get in the MSM it seems as though it may as well be against the law.

Labeling those who question the accepted historical account as a denier is the same as labeling us as CT, buffs, or crackpots.

Facts are all that matter and not the passionate pleas of ideologues of any stripe.

I have many friends who are Jewish. I have some friends who are deniers. A couple of friends are both.

And me?

Until it impacts my medieval or conspiracy studies, I have no stand on the issue.

Things Being Rigged??

October 29, 2020

When Greg Louganis won his gold…

When Viktor Petrenko won his gold…

But its not just the Olympics.

How about when Sixth Sense did NOT win for best screenplay?

Or when Paul Newman did not win for two great films but then…

Or when Flashdance – What a Feeling Won instead of Maniac?

And if you think it stops there…

What about the elections…

On Probability

October 22, 2020

Probability is a useful tool when evidence is lacking.

In the case of evidence not forthcoming, one can examine how likely a scenario was to occur.

Note: the probability is viable only when evidence is lacking. Evidence always supplants suppositions, or it should in any event.

Since so few officers were killed in Dallas, the probability of the two events occurring within a short time frame is very small. This does not mean they HAD to be connected but the probability they were not is very small. Notwithstanding, miracles and anomalies have their place in this continuum.

That said, the concept that they were PLANNED is another thing entirely.

The preponderance of evidence in the pairing of these two cases certainly does not point to any pre-planning. The garbled testimonies, twisting of evidence, and bat-crap insanity going on by most of the parties concerned speak volumes to the immediacy of the events. Pre-planned events usually have back-stories in place to guide the uninitiated to the desired response, one chosen by the planners.

Now, the manner in which these two could be connected are many.

The plotters wanting officers near the Texas Theater could have had Tippit shot to offer a police presence in proximity.

Gang members in Oak Cliff – sensing all the force would be busy tracking down the assassin – took revenge on Tippit at that moment assuming they would have ample opportunity for escape.

I am sure there are hundreds of scenarios through which the two could be related but, that being said, relation does not require correlation.

Nor does it imply premeditation.

Probabilities can guide us but they do so only in the lack of evidence.

After all, in 1963, what was the probability that a President would have been killed in Dallas?

Stop Focusing on the Messengers

October 15, 2020

Not everyone who works for the conspiracy is a paid shill.

Sometimes people just have a particular point of view that can be of use to the conspiracy. They do not have to urge the person to promote that particular point of view because they already have it.

They will support it against all comers because they fervently BELIEVE what they are saying.

They have been saying it for a time but did not have a venue for promulgating their idea until they were “discovered” by the conspiracy.

The conspiracy does not pay these people to think the things they think; they already believe it but were an unheard voice in the wilderness until their patron opened an avenue for distribution of their idea.

It is high time we stop blaming the messengers OR the messages. Ignore such flotsam and look for the underlying narrative.

Engels has always been associated with the origins of communism.

He lived in luxury while Marx lived in squalor. They were far from equal partners in its creation.

Marx had the ideas and Engel was his patron, supporting the work – if not the man – and is the pattern continuing to today.

By holding the reins of the media and the publishing empires, they can control the knowledge that people have access to.

And, yes, of course, they want to control the internet as well.

Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and the rest are hard at work removing access to certain ideas on the internet. Search engines no longer search for ALL things, only what they will allow you to see.

Wikipedia squelches diversity of information.

The monoculturing of intelligence is but one step away.


On the Lure of Mainstream JFK “Researchers” – Crusaders, Con-men, or Creeps?

October 8, 2020

It is a sad fact that most researchers in the community cannot get their research published by any large commercial firm and therefore have to rely on smaller presses, self-publishing, or expounding their theories on the worldwide web in blog posts and assassination forums.

For those few who HAVE broken through and actually had a blockbuster bestseller – by community standards at least – reveal a rather startling and disturbing pattern.

Usually, new evidence or a new take on older evidence is brought forth to cause quite a bit of excitement among the community. Quite often this is from a newly discovered treasure trove of documents that have not been available for wide examination.

Then, like some pied piper, the author gathers many adherents and leads them down a rabbit hole.

This starry-eyed group not only believes-in everything the new dynamic theorist proposes but they also find more scintillating tidbits that seem to support the original claims. They burrow deeper and deeper into the hare’s warren until the light of day is no more than a myth.

Soon, when others with a more sober mindset delve into the “evidence” and find it to be of shoddy (or non-existent) construction they are set upon by the acolytes for being close-minded, incompetent, stupid, a government shill, or all of the above.

The leader of this merry band keeps finding more and more “evidence” to bolster their claims… which seem to get farther and farther from reality as time goes on until these starry-eyed, frothing-at-the-mouth worshipers can no longer see anything vaguely resembling reason.

We saw it with Fetzer, Armstrong, Dale, and probably – to some degree – with Lane and Garrison as well. Not to mention Files and Baker!

At some point, the theories espoused become adhered to like some religion rather than an evidentiary discourse. The followers defend their beliefs against all comers, throwing down gauntlets, sticking swords in the ground and snarling epithets over the battlements.

It is impossible to reason with such people. Evidence has become a non-starter in their minds and any shadow of doubt is taken as a personal attack as the acolytes start to identify with the data.

The troubling idea here is that it keeps happening over and over again.

Lee’s lover, JFK’s affairs, the Mafia hitmen, the CIA deathsquads, the Great Unified Conspiracy theory, the one ring to call them together and in the darkness bind them, tend to do nothing but distract and draw off resources from serious research to try and bring sanity back to restoration.

Countless hours are wasted in discourse over such matters but many feel it has to be done to keep others from getting distracted.

I say wasted because there are some people to whom the evidence will mean nothing anyway; those to whom evidence will matter have probably already seen through the fog.

The thing I wonder about – since this trend repeats itself so often – is if it is not part of the disinformation campaign we came to unclutter. Their tactic is as old as Sun Tsu’s Art of War: divide and conquer. If the numbers of the conspiracists (and there are vastly more than the WC supporters) can be fractured into many different warring camps, they should be so much easier to sweep away as crackpots.

Some may be crusaders who found a new piece of evidence but now have to keep “discovering” or creating new evidence to keep their hand in the game. Some were opportunists, depending on the explosiveness of their theory; they fall victim to the same need to keep more data coming. And some are simply plants by the disinformationalists to lead anyone astray.

And they are not themselves the problem to the community. It is their mindless minions who hang on every dribble of “truth” coming from the lips of their great leader. It is they who mindlessly attack anyone who even remotely hints that their interpretation might be nothing but hot air.

Perhaps we should stop worrying about the imbecilities and get back to working on the case.

Many researchers have recently commented that they are being pulled away from current researches to answer all this carp.

Perhaps we could assign a “designated hitter” to take on the yammering dogs and let those gifted in research stop wasting time and use their skills to continue moving us forward?

I think it would be a better use of time for all concerned and a far better use of their talents.

Just a thot.

a Very Human Virus

October 1, 2020

A typical virus invades a healthy system and uses the energy that the system would normally use for its own survival in order to weaken the system, subvert it, and use it for its own survival and purposes.

When that system is broken, the virus moves on to another victim, increasing in numbers and strength as it goes.

Viruses kill everything else it their path on the road to their expansion.

Most species of lifeforms learn to moderate their behaviors in order to sustain life for themselves and their kind. Viruses are not that smart.

The conspiracy is a virus.

They noted that most early bankers were Jews so they invaded that sphere and, nominally Jewish, expanded their banking enterprise. They have moved on leaving the Jews to bear the brunt of the anger, the blowback from their crimes.

Masonic Lodges were fellowship organizations with no evil intent. They invaded these chapters and utilized the network to grow their own perfidious group and, when it was noticed, simply disappeared and left the Masons holding the bag.

Money is a tool used to help grow infrastructure and capitalism is the best venue for this process. Naturally, they invaded the banking system as well and have perverted the system into an evil empire.

Capitalism is not to blame any more than the Mason or the Jews. Stop attacking the groups that were the victims of this disease.

It is the individual virus organisms causing the pain and destruction and not the groups and bodies to which they attach themselves.

People who make much noise about one or another of these groups or the Deep State or the Illuminati are either badly misinformed or are being prodded or coerced into such a stance.